Rake disbursement - week 1
Posted 18 days ago

The first round of reward points has been redeemed. A surprising amount of people achieved Rune / Dragon tier despite this being a short week.

You can view the amount of tokens that was added to your balance for this disbursement at https://tokenbets.com/rewards .

Subsequent announcements regarding reward redemption will not be made, but rewards will continue to be redeemed every Friday.

Rewards System, Highscores, End of Summer event & more
Posted 22 days ago


End-of-Summer Event

As a way to say thank you to the player base for being awesome and sticking around, we’ve decided to have an end-of-summer event. The event will consist of a multitude of free-entry tournaments, as well as increasing rewards for some current tournaments.

We’ll be having two daily 50M 07 tournaments, one at 2PM EST/6PM GMT and one at 7PM EST/11PM GMT. We’ll also temporarily increase the hourly 500K tournament to a 1M hourly tournament.

The event will run until October 9th.


The highscores has finally made a return, it contains all data since the site was rewritten in April. More stats will be added to the highscores in the coming weeks.

Sit and Gos

Blind level duration is being changed from the default 10 minutes to 3 minutes on popular demand.

Player Reward System

Players will be able to earn points by playing Sit and Goes, Buy-In Tournaments and Ring games. Rewards will be tradeable for chips at a 1:1 ratio, but a more complete rewards shop will be developed to give player more choices such as tournament tickets and cosmetics.

Players will be able to earn a reward tier depending on their poker activity as a function of fees. The chart below illustrates the different activity thresholds for each tier. As an example, if you are active enough to be feed 30M in a week, you would be eligible for 9M reward points (30% of 30M).








Min rake per week












Grace period




1 time

1 time


Tiers are maintained for an entire week and progress till next rank is reset at the end of the week – if the min rake mark of your current tier is not met, player tier is decayed by one level. You can track your tier & the points till next tier on the rewards page (hyperlink). Rune and dragon tier are given a 1-week grace period to maintain their tier before decaying (the progress to maintain the tier is reset to 0 if the grace period kicks in).

As a decay example, if you are currently Dragon tier and at the end of the week you are feed 15M, you would get a 1-time grace period to maintain the Dragon tier. If you reach the 75M mark in the next week you would keep the Dragon rank, but if you were to only reach the 30M mark, you would decay to Rune rank.

Rewards are disbursed weekly on Friday afternoons or evenings. There will be an exact time chosen for disbursement in the near future.

On the Horizon

  • 2factor authentication for Tokenbets as another tier of verification for players looking for higher levels of security for their tokens.
  • A player-rewards shop
  • Satellite tournaments with prizes & recognition for the winners
  • A signature Tokenbets Christmas event with emphasis on rewarding active players. 

If you have any other suggestions for the website, feel free to send them to [email protected] and staff will read through them!

Hoping everybody is having a great 2017,

Tokenbets Staff

Poker Updates
Posted 24 days ago

On Monday September 25th, updates that restructure poker table fees will be pushed. The fee structure is set to be very competitive and unmatched by any other Runescape Poker site to ensure we’re the best option for any Runescape related wagering.

The fee structure will be 0.5-3% with a cap varying depending on how many players are on each table and the table stakes. This will affect ring games, buy-in tournaments & SNGs.

To ensure that placing higher bets is token economic flat rake caps will be set for every table. The higher the stakes, the more effectively the rake is reduced by the flat cap, as it scales additively rather than multiplicatively. In many situations the rake would be less than 0.1% due to the lenient rake caps.

Prior to those releases, a rewards system will be rolled out for poker players. You can currently earn rewards by playing Sit and Gos, buy-in tournaments and ring games. Exciting news regarding a new end-of-summer event will also be released shortly.

Stay tuned,

Tokenbets Team